Our Story

„Palma“, coffee and pastry shop, located in Sarajevo in part of town called Hrasno, started working back in 1970. After almost five years of tradition and experience „Palma“ is still favourite place of gathering for all generations, the ones that enjoy fashionable, lovely and pleasant ambience. In 1985 „Palma“ also received the CD -Diplomatic Consular Code. The view on garden protected by awnings and parasols with large fountain in the middle is breathtaking. Two palm trees contribute to special ambiance of the pastry shop as the symbol of "Palma"( bos. palma- palm tree). If you are a non-smoker, don`t worry we have place for you so you can enjoy the fresh air. You can hear relaxing sounds of piano, playing live every day in „Palma“.

A wide range of hot, cold, chocolate beverages, natural and refreshing juices, frapees, fruit cups and ice-cream specialties, exclusive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails, and many types of pies, cakes and savoury specialities are enough to please everyone's taste. All the treats that are on our menu are handmade with love in "Palma" by traditional recipes, as well as recipes that are the fruit of the owner's innovations and you can find them only in "Palma". The materials from which we make all the products are carefully selected as your trust is what matters the most.

Founder and the owner Šaban Ljumić dedicated his whole life to the confectionery industry. He began his culinary and business career as a student, and later on as a leading master in the once famous „Oloman“ pastry shop in Sarajevo. After years of hard work, dedication and effort, he decided to open his own pastry shop and that`s where "Palma" magic begins.

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